How to start a 409A valuation

If you already manage your cap table on, it is very easy to get started with a 409a valuation. From your account, simply click the Fast409A button in the top right of the app or head to and login with your credentials. The login is the same for all LTSE tools. 

Complete Cap Table

Once there, check off Step 1 when your cap table is complete and up to date in For more information on completing your cap table, please follow our Getting Started Guide for 

Complete Questionnniare

Step 2 is a company questionnaire, designed to get the most pertinent information on your company. The questionnaire allows you to save your progress by clicking Save Draft at the bottom.

In the questionnaire, the Valuation Date determines as of what date your valuation will be effective. The Valuation Date needs to be the last date of the month. 

-Note: the 409a valuation will remain effective for 12 months from the Valuation Date or when a new funding round is closed, whichever comes first.

Once the questionnaire is complete, click Finalize at the bottom. The questionnaire can be edited after Finalization if necessary. 

Payment and Submission

Step 3 is to simply begin the submission process by signing the Engagement Agreement in DocuSign and making payment.

-Note: Once payment is complete, please wait on the website to be redirected back to Failing to wait could require you to resubmit the valuation.

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