Bulk Import Cap Table Data - Shareholders

See related article below for an overview of how to bulk import cap table data into Captable.io, and the Captable.io import template.

Note - please remove all special characters from shareholders names such as commas, periods, slashes, and/or dashes. Use of special characters will produce errors in the upload process.

  • Type - Required. Select whether the shareholder is an "Individual" or "Institution".
  • First Name - Required. Shareholder's or institution's authorized individual's first name.
  • Last Name - Required. Shareholder's or institution's authorized individual's last name.
  • Institution Name - Required if "Type" is Institution. Full name of the institution.
  • Fund Name - Optional. Name of the fund the individual or institution belong to.
  • Role - Required. Select the shareholder's role in the company from the drop down menu. Roles: Advisor, Board Member, Consultant, Employee, Founder, Investor, Other.
  • Email - Required. Shareholder's email address.
  • Phone Number - Optional. Shareholder's phone number.
  • Address - Optional. Shareholder's street address.
  • City - Optional. Shareholder's city.
  • State / Province - Optional. For USA, enter the state abbreviation. E.g. CA for California.
  • Zip / Postal Code - Optional. Address postal code.
  • Country - Optional. Select the shareholder's country from the drop down menu.
  • Comments - Optional. Add any notes you would like to view on the shareholder's profile page.
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