Sharing Your Cap Table

There are two different ways to share you cap table.

In Share Settings View

First, you can share the cap table from the Share Cap Table tab on the left panel. Here, you grant access at three different levels:

  • Summary - access is limited to the Summary view from the main Cap Table page
  • Detailed, read-only - this level allows the user to see everything in the cap table but does not allow for any changes to be made
  • Detailed, editable - same access as original creator, except you cannot change access of original creator

In Stockholder View

Second, you can share in the Stockholder view, the user has access to summary in Cap Table view and their own holdings. Click the Stockholders tab on the left panel, select the person. Share option will be at the top.

This method of sharing keeps access limited to the stockholder's own holdings and they are not able to make any changes.

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