Release Notes - 2020

August 2020

  • Know exactly when and how many shares you vest. View detailed share, exercise and fair market value calculations for each vesting tranche when viewing security details.
  • A revised shareholders view that highlights shareholder info.
  • Y Combinator - added support for the W21 (Winter 2021) and S21 (Summer 2021) batch.

July 2020

  • Import multiple new stakeholders in bulk using a spreadsheet template.
  • Export the cap table report and ledger reports as of a certain date, great for accounting and tax work.

June 2020

  • Reporting
    • Audit missing documents attached to each security with the new document audit report.
    • Export exercise transactions as a spreadsheet report.
    • Export shareholder contacts as a spreadsheet report.

May 2020

  • Create and audit vesting schedules that can be reused for all vesting securities.
  • Lapsed option grants can be un-lapsed.
  • Investors - your whole team, including your fund admin firm, can now view and manage all your holdings accepted by any team member on one dashboard. Contact support to set this up.
  • Partner offers can now be redeemed with a code when changing the subscription plan and providing a payment. Contact your ecosystem affiliates, such as Y Combinator, SVB and Orrick, for a partner code.

April 2020

  • Cap tables reports and ledgers can now be exported as of a specific date, which cuts down on the manual work for your finance / legal workflows.

March 2020

  • The full audit log history can be filtered and exported as a spreadsheet report.

February 2020

  • Exercise transactions can now be reverted in the app, so errors can be corrected without contacting support.
  • ledger export now shows dates and summary statistics for securities that have been canceled, repurchased, vested or exercised.
  • All stock grants from all stock classes are now shown together in a unified stock ledger table, so they can be filtered, sorted and paginated.
  • Live product demo & Q&A with the product team can now be scheduled here.

January 2020

  • Y Combinator - added support for the S20 (Summer 2020) batch.
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