How to Create Vesting Schedules in Templates

We created a custom vesting schedules to simply the onboarding process for founders. When you begin set-up, you will be asked to input custom vesting schedules prior to importing via Bulk Import Method. How to enter custom vesting schedules: 
  • Select "Add Standard Schedule"

  • Enter:
    • Vesting schedule name
    • Duration
    • Frequency
    • Vests on day of the month type
    • Upfront Vesting: If upfront vesting, select yes and enter in upfront vesting amount (in percentage or # of shares)
    • Cliff in months
      • If custom amount vested at cliff select yes and enter amount
    • Comment: Any comments (for milestone or vesting information)
  • Save
  • In your security, select the correct vesting schedule from the drop-down menu. 

Please note: In order to successfully import your cap table via Bulk Import Method, ensure that all your vesting schedules are inputted.

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