Working with Vesting Schedules

We created a custom vesting schedule template to simply the onboarding process for founders. When you begin set-up, you will be asked to input custom vesting schedules prior to importing via Bulk Import Method. How to enter custom vesting schedules: 
  1. Select "Add Standard Schedule".
  2. Enter the data based on your stock option paperwork.

Upfront Vesting

You can define an upfront vesting amount or percent that vests on a custom date. For example, you can use this feature to give a new employee a sign-on bonus by immediately vesting a part of their option grant when they join.

To add upfront vesting, turn on the Upfront Vesting switch when you create a vesting schedule. Here, enter the number or percentage of quantity you want vested upfront.

Upfront vesting typically starts when vesting starts. You can also customize the upfront vesting date when you create a security.

Custom Amount Vested at Cliff

To add Custom Amount Vested at Cliff when creating a grant, turn on the switch in the vesting schedule area. Here, enter the number or percentage of shares you want vested at the end of the cliff.

3. Save

4. When you add the security, select a vesting schedule from the drop-down menu. 

Please note: In order to successfully import your cap table via Bulk Import Method, ensure that all your vesting schedules were entered first.

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