Milestone and Performance Based Vesting

Equity awards with milestone-based vesting, also known as performance-based vesting, are set to vest at the occurrence of a certain event, e.g. meeting a sales quota. In, these equity awards need to be manually tracked and vested by a cap table admin.

An example scenario: the Chief Revenue Officer's stock options vest 100% when the company's revenue reaches $1,000,000.

Recording a milestone or performance based vesting in

To effect a milestone based vesting on a grant, enter an exceptionally long vesting schedule. This way the vesting won't effect prematurely. We recommend a five year vesting period, cliff, and frequency.

When the milestone event occurs, turn on Upfront Vesting and enter the date of vesting and the amount in percentage or actual number.

Record a note with the reasoning behind the vesting in the comments section at the bottom of the Edit Grant view.

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