Upgrade or change your subscription plan

Selecting and upgrading a subscription plan

If you're still in the company onboarding process, go to the Setup Method step, submit payment in the Concierge Setup section. Select the plan based on your company's funding stage.

If you have a Captable.io Partner Code, you can redeem it here.

If your company and cap table are already onboarded, go to Company > Subscription & Payment, click on Upgrade Plan.

Managing your subscription plan

Once the payment is completed, your active subscription details can be found here: Company > Subscription & Payment.

More details

Pricing and feature details for each Captable.io subscription plans can be viewed here.

Captable.io's payment is securely processed via Stripe.

Captable.io's subscriptions are billed on the quarter anniversary (same day of month as when you started your subscription).

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