Welcome to Captable.io Email Template for Stakeholders

Hi <name>,

We are moving <Example Inc.>'s equity management from <previous cap table system> to Captable.io.
What this means for you:
There are no changes to your holdings. You will just access them on Captable.io instead of <previous cap table system>.
<Example Inc.> is incorporated to issue certificate-free stock. If you have stock grants, you will see a Notice of Issuance of Stock after you sign into Captable.io to access your securities.
Action needed from you:
Soon you will receive an email titled "View your <Example Inc.> stakeholding in Captable.io". Please  follow the instructions here to access and accept your securities.
Help is available:
For questions about using Captable.io, please contact support@ltse.com.
For questions about your holdings, please contact <Example Inc.>'s investor relations: <IR email>.
Thank you for your continued support and service.
<company officer / IR signature>
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