Syncing with Clerky

Welcome, Clerky Customer! integrates with Clerky. This feature available to YC batches W18 and onward. If you start your investment documents in Clerky, you can pull them into so you don't have to enter them twice. 


To Pull from Clerky, simply click the Quick Create '+' icon on the left panel and select Pull from Clerky

To enable this feature, set your accelerator to YC, then set a YC batch. Here are the instructions.

save image

Typical Workflows

Since is your cap table single source of truth, companies typically create investments in, then attach documents generated by other systems to their investments. If you are creating your investments in Clerky first, come back to and do Pull from Clerky to keep in sync. You will need to Pull from Clerky to sync new edits and investments added to Clerky.

Clerky Support

Clerky support is available at and

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