Carta Import Checklist

For all customers migrating from Carta to, please follow this checklist to make sure you are not leaving necessary data behind.

  • Personnel export. From the Shareholders section, download Contacts Spreadsheet
  • Cap table export. From the Reporting section under Capitalization, export Summary, Detailed, and Securites ledgers by type and class. *Include draft securities as well. They will however not be added to until finalized.
    • Convertible notes don't import from the Carta export. They will need to be added manually.
  • From the Templates section under Securities tab:
    • Certificate legends
    • Vesting schedules
    • All documents under Document sets
  • From the 409a section under Compliance, download all former 409a valuations
  • Corporate documents. From the Library section under Company, download all documents under the following sections:
    • Incorporation documents
    • Securities filings
    • Closing volumes
    • Minute book
    • Disclosures, and
    • Other
  • If you have a Data room: export all completed agreements
    • Stock purchase
    • Options purchase
    • Options exercise
    • Convertible Instruments, SAFEs
    • Warrants
  • From the Board section, download all available consents and documents
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